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Kielbasas and Potato Skillet – Cheap and Delicious Meal!


KIELBASA AND POTATO SKILLET – CHEAP AND DELICIOUS MEAL I recently found myself wandering the isles of the grocery store in a zombie-like state searching for something to make for dinner while my precious child whined incessantly, “are we done yet?!” While picking out a package of hot dogs, I noticed a coupon for $1.00 off […] Read more…

Grilled Cheese with Mayonnaise or Butter – Which is Better?


A big thank you to the oh-so delicious Tradewinds Slow-Brewed Teas in partnership with Mom It Forward Bloggers Network for sponsoring this post. Few things are more comforting than the classic American grilled cheese sandwich. The crispy, buttery grilled bread, the melted cheese oozing over the hot crust… simple and perfect. The modern grilled cheese […] Read more…