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Love in All Seasons Free Printable Art Project

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project 7

Love in All Seasons Free Printable Art Project is a fun way to create lovely artwork for your walls using your kids finger prints! This would also be a very sweet gift for a loved one. Celebrating the Seasons What season is your favorite? If we are paying attention, there is something beautiful to celebrate […] Read more…

The Best Tablet for Kids

The Best Tablet for Kids feature

This post contains affiliate links. These are placed to help you find the product being discussed. When you click a link and make a purchase, you will not pay anything extra but will be helping to keep this site running! Thank you for stopping by to read The Best Tablet for Kids. The Holidays are Coming! […] Read more…

Christians Who Trick-Or-Treat


Christians Who Trick-Or-Treat We are Christians who trick-or-treat. Well, my daughter does the trick-or-treating as my husband and I are just a bit too old! This is not me trying to convince you that we are right. I’m just wanting to share a little bit of my perspective on Halloween as a Christian. Whether you […] Read more…

Why I’m Glad I Sent My Child to Preschool

Why I’m Glad I Sent My Child to Preschool 1

Thank you for visiting to read Why I’m Glad I Sent My Child to Preschool. This post may contain affiliate links. Important Note: We’re going to talk about preschool! Yay! When I refer to preschool, I am talking about a part time, optional education program for children approximately age 3-5. Some of my points will not relate […] Read more…

Miscarriage Aftermath


MISCARRIAGE AFTERMATH Let’s have some real talk for a moment. A few weeks ago marked three years since my miscarriage. Some people suffering miscarriage have asked if the pain gets better. In some ways it does ease over time. In other ways the pain just changes. In more ways, the pain changes who you are. […] Read more…

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