Puppy Valentine’s Box + Fun Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with my little one! Last year I created this collection of 16 Fun Valentine’s Crafts for Kids and it inspired some fun crafting activities with my daughter. This year we went all out and created an adorable Homemade Puppy Valentine’s Box. It took a couple of hours to make and we also made a big mess, but it was worth it!

When I was a kid, I remember covering an empty oatmeal container with pink construction paper and gluing on red construction paper hearts. Done! Doesn’t it feel like the days of simplicity are over? Now kids come to school with elaborate creations that would make Pinterest proud (if it were capable of feelings). 

Last week my five year old daughter and I sat down with my phone and scrolled through Valentine’s box ideas on Pinterest. When she found a cute little puppy box I thought it would be pretty simple to create. We hit Pat Catan’s for supplies. Then we spent a Sunday afternoon crafting our puppy. It ended up being a fun bonding experience. Yes, there were some frustrating moments as you would expect when working with a pre-schooler. But all in all, it went well and I think it will be a fun memory for her.

We made a puppy collar of ribbon and used glittery stickers to spell out my daughters name:

Puppy Valentines Box 8

White fake fur was the perfect thing for making this little doggie! Purple and mint green tulle was turned into a fluffy tutu, just perfect for the girly little pup.

Puppy Valentines Box 9

We used ribbon to make a leash and jazzed it up with stick on crystals:

Puppy Valentines Box 10

Sooooo much hot glue was involved in this project!

Puppy Valentines Box 11

The dogs face was made with little craft eyes, white felt for the snout, black felt for the nose, and a pink felt tongue. I do wish we had made the mouth larger; I’m a little worried that big Valentine’s cards may not fit inside!

Puppy Valentines Box 13

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with our Valentine’s puppy! It turned out better than I thought it would.

Puppy Valentines Box 12

Puppy Valentines Box 3 Puppy Valentines Box 4 Puppy Valentines Box 5

Want to make a puppy Valentine’s box? Here’s what you may want to purchase:

  • Medium size shoe box
  • 1-2 rolls tulle (find it at Walmart in the craft or wedding supplies isles)
  • 1-2 rolls ribbon
  • 2 large sheets (12 inch x 15 inch) fake fur – I found it at Pat Catan’s. The brand is Darice
  • 1 roll fake fur (2 inch x 30 inch) – Again, found it at Pat Catan’s and it’s Darice brand
  • 1 sheet pink felt
  • 1 sheet back felt
  • 1 sheet white felt
  • Hot glue gun and medium size package glue sticks
  • Letter stickers
  • Small accessories such as crystals, bows, etc.
  • Scissors

Now, get creative! I started by cutting out a big mouth in one end of the box. Then I covered the whole box with the fake fur using hot glue to secure it to the box. Make a tail out of the fur and glue it to the dogs back side.

Cut ears out of whatever fur you have left and hot glue pink felt to the non-furry side. Glue the ears to the top of the dogs head.

Cut the white felt in half and then fold both pieces in half; one half is the top of the snout and one is the bottom. Glue the cut side of the felt inside the mouth to create the snout. Add a tongue and nose then glue on the eyes, and there you have it! A puppy!

Add any decorations you wish: a collar, a tutu skirt, ribbons on the ears, etc.

Puppy Valentines Box 1 Puppy Valentines Box 2

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Puppy Valentines Box

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