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No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 10 What is your favorite day of the week and what makes that day special? Most everyone I know who has a consistent day off will say that is their favorite day. I am no exception! My favorite day is Friday, or as my daughter and I refer to it… Mommy and Me Day!

Most Fridays I get to spend with my sweet girl sleeping late (for us), eating breakfast at a restaurant, running errands, working on projects around the house, and other activities that are put off during the busy work week. These are the most special days. Just me and my girl enjoying each other’s company. Fridays make my heart happy!

Last week we missed our Friday Mommy and Me Day because I needed to work all day, so we worked our favorite activities in on Saturday and Sunday. Here we are trying out a new (to us) restaurant: Mommy and Me Day Isn’t my little Minnie Mouse girl a cutie?! We picked up this outfit during a trip to Walmart on Saturday. Check out these fun Disney Junior Minnie outfits: Minnie Mouse Toddler Girl 2-Fer Dress | Minnie Mouse Toddler Girl T-Shirt Dress | Minnie Mouse Toddler Girl Tee and Skirt Outfit Set | Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Girls’ Peplum Tunic and Leggings Outfit Set

While shopping for clothes Willow talked me into a new bathing suit (a reasonable request with summer right around the corner) and we also bought this super fun  Disney Minnie Mouse Bows and Dots Beach Towel:No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 6 One big transition in our house recently was buying Willow a new “big girl” bed. At four years old poor girl was really too old for a toddler bed, so we made the leap to a brand new twin size bed. While at Walmart this weekend we picked out new bedding for her big bed. 

Disney Minnie Mouse Bow Power 4-piece Toddler Bedding Set | Disney Junior Minnie Mouse items

Notice the adorable Minnie Mouse sheet set? We clearly have a Minnie theme here! As a part of this bed makeover, I wanted to get a pink tutu bed skirt. They’re not easy to find in stores and those I found online were expensive, so I decided to tackle the project myself. No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 4 Here is what you need to make a tutu skirt for a twin size bed:

  • 18 yards tulle (I bought this pink tulle for $0.97 a yard at Walmart)
  • Straight pins or safety pins
  • 1 cheap white fitted sheet

Now, you’ll notice from the pictures that I did not use a fitted sheet. For now, I’ve used straight pins to pin the tulle right to the box spring. This is totally acceptable to me at the moment. We’re purchasing a new bed frame soon and at that time I’ll be removing these pins and redoing the tulle. When I do I will place a fitted sheet over the box springs and then safety pin the tulle in place instead of using straight pins. I think I’ll like that method the best.

Still, this came out so well with just using straight pins and tulle! Start at the head of the bed and pin the tulle down making sure to have the right amount draping over the side of the box spring. Work your way around the box spring, gathering tulle and pinning it down every few inches until you reach the head of the bed on the other side. No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 1 No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 2 Fluff fluff and done! No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 5 Because our box spring is dark, you can still see it through the tulle. But once we get the new bed frame and I place the fitted sheet over the box spring and safety pin the tulle to it, it will be so perfect! This project took me maybe 20 minutes. Well worth the little bit of time! My girl was impressed… No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 8 What do you like to do when you have a Mommy and Me day?

My girl and me at the Mother’s Day tea at her preschool:

No-Sew Tutu Bed Skirt 9

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