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Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project 7

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project

I love every season. Sure, I have my favorites, but each season brings new and exciting things into my life. I’m one who looks forward to each season and welcomes the change.

As winter begins I feel excitement for the holidays and cozy snow days. Spring comes and we welcome the warmer days. Summer is fun and there are so many memories to be made! Autumn days are filled with all the good things we love like sweaters and bonfires and football and harvest.

If we’re paying attention, there’s something beautiful to be thankful for in every season.

Life also is filled with different seasons. Some seasons are fun and carefree while others are hard work. Some seasons are painful and others are filled with the joy of new life.

As we’ve entered this beautiful new spring season, I wanted to create a memory with my young daughter; a memory that we could frame and keep forever. This “Love in All Seasons” printable wall art set was the perfect project!

A family changes over the years, but the love is so strong that it keeps our hearts together forever. That’s what we will think of when we look at this cute little wall art set made of my little one’s finger prints.

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project 4

This was super easy to make! Just print each page out on card stock, then use different colors of paint to make “leaves” out of finger paints.

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project 1

For winter we actually made snow with white paint tinted with a little blue. Spring was made of a light smattering of light green leaves. Summer finds our little tree filled with dark, medium, and light green leaves. Then for fall we made leaves using brown, orange, red, and yellow; some were even piled up under the tree, just like we see in fall.

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project 2 Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project

April Showers, May flowers, and Spring Allergies

As much as we adore spring, it doesn’t come without some struggles. I don’t just mean the struggle of making it through winter in the northern US! Springtime is also a season when many children become miserable with seasonal allergies.

Smart Allergy Mom Toolkit Logo

It’s such a frustrating feeling to see your child feeling miserable! Thankfully, I can tell you about a great resource: the Smart Allergy Mom™ Tool kit by the makers of Children’s Claritin®. Here you’ll find helpful information about managing seasonal and indoor allergies, a pollen count for your area (allergy forecast), an allergy glossary, and more.


Sections on the Smart Allergy Mom TM Tool Kit include:

  • LEARN – Provides information to help you understand if your child’s symptoms may be due to allergies
  • ASK- Provides talking points to help guide your conversation with the pediatrician around allergies for kids
  • MANAGE – Provides tips to manage your child’s allergies

Claritin® is the #1 Pediatrician recommended non-drowsy allergy brand for kids ages 2 and up. It provides  24 hour relief of runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and itchy nose or throat. Check out the Smart Allergy Mom™ Tool Kit to find a $3.00 off coupon!

_Mom and Daughter_SAMT

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project 5

Printable PNG Versions: Love | In | All | Seasons | No Text

Printable PDF Versions: Love | In | All | Seasons | No Text


Have a happy and healthy spring! Looking forward to summer…

Love in All Seasons – Free Printable Art Project 6

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