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23 Awesome Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids | Homemade Costumes | Halloween Costumes | Kids Costumes | DIY Costume

Do you all remember the good old days when we actually made our Halloween costumes? Many a Halloween my brother and I would raid the play costume bin and moms leftover fabric and create a costume. Sometimes my mom would get creative and actually make our costumes, but often we just pulled something together ourselves and called it a day. 

Why does it seem that homemade Halloween costumes are so rare these days? I know we’re all super busy and so buying a pre-made costume off the rack at the closest store is an easy solution. But making a costume can be so inexpensive and FUN! Even if you’re not very crafty, it’s worth a try!

Two years ago I decided to make my daughters Halloween costumes. For her preschool party, she went as a rock star. I dressed her in a hot pink dress up dress that we already owned, added her black leather (fake leather) jacket, put on some fun sunglasses, and she carried her play microphone. The cost for this costume was zero!

Her second costume was for Trick-or-Treat and she went as an angel. I re-purposed a fluffy while tulle skirt that she wore in a wedding, found white tights and a white sweater (because, Ohio in late October… cold) in my daughters wardrobe, then added gold shoes, angel wings, and a halo. We already owned all of these things, so the costume was free!

I created this round up of 23 Awesome Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids to help you with ideas. Making costumes can be a fun project to do with your older kids. Many of these costumes can even be made with items you already have around your house. Save the money on Halloween costumes and go homemade!

23 Awesome Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. Adorable Scarecrow Costume

Kids T-Rex Costume on Amazon:

2. Paintbrush Costume

3. Emoji Costume

4. Cheshire Cat

5. Gumball Machine Costume

6. Glinda the Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of the West Costumes

Trolls Costume on Amazon: 

7. Lion Tutu Costume

8. DIY Robot Costume

9. Wednesday Adams Costume

10. Logo Man Costume

11. DIY Snap Chat Costume

12. Bee Costume

13. DIY Toddler Fairy Wings

14. Star Wars Costumes

15. Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costume

16. Jessie Costume

17. Baby Biker Costume

Baby Tattoo Sleeve Onsie on Amazon:

18. Raggedy Ann and Andy Costumes

19. Paper Doll Costume

20. Flower Pot Costume

21. Monarch and Caterpillar Costumes

22. DIY Garfield Costume

23. No-Sew Peter Pan Costume

  Make your kids’ costumes and have a Happy Halloween!

23 Awesome Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids | Homemade Costumes | Halloween Costumes | Kids Costumes | DIY Costume

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