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I Hate My Birthday – Emotional Trigger Days

I hate my birthday

*Miscarriage and infant loss trigger warning Photo: Unsplash   I hate my birthday. There… I said it. It’s an odd relief to just say exactly how I feel about this one specific day that comes every February. For so long I didn’t feel free to express my birthday lament because it seems so juvenile, or […] Read more…

Five Dollar Emergency Makeup Kit


I love makeup! I’ve been wearing makeup every day since I was fourteen and I would say that it feels more natural for me to have makeup on my face than being makeup-free. It’s just my thing. I also have eye allergy issues. So annoying. Dust is a major culprit. Whenever I’m exposed to certain […] Read more…

How Busy Women Find Time to Read Books


Thank you for visiting to check out How Busy Women Find Time to Read Books. This post contains affiliate links. I WANT to Read, But… “I don’t have time to read books.” I’ve said those words many times, especially since becoming a mother. Gone are the days of lounging for hours with a captivating novel, inspiring […] Read more…

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Candies

Peanut butter and chocolate are a classic craveable combination. Something about the rich, nutty, creaminess just makes you want to bathe in the deliciousness. Ok… maybe I’m taking it too far! But there really is something especially delicious about sweet and creamy peanut butter paired with rich and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. So why not make a healthier […] Read more…

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