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I love makeup! Very rarely does a day pass when I’m not wearing any makeup. When I was offered a chance to try Victoria Jackson cosmetics recently I was thrilled! I used Victoria Jackson foundation, mascara, bronzing powder, and blush. They’re all wonderful products and I am really impressed with how well they wear throughout the day. The mascara is the best I’ve used in a long time.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I just timed myself putting on my makeup this week and discovered that I spend an average of 4 minutes in application. Not too bad! Here’s what I do:
1. Foundation all over then set with powder (I love the Victoria Jackson foundation I used because I didn’t feel like I needed to bother with concealer!)
2. Bronzer and blush
3. Eye shadow
4. Eye brow pencil (don’t neglect them, ladies! They’re sooooo important!)
5. Eye liner
6. Mascara
7. Lip gloss
Done! Four minutes flat, people!

Ready to try Victoria Jackson? You’re in luck because until April 4th, 2015 you can get 25% off your order! Use the promo code LOVEVJC. Click here for details.


Let’s chat! Tell me in the comments what you would choose if you could only ever wear three cosmetics ever again…this is totally in theory, of course! Only three forever would make me so sad! Ha! But if I had to choose, then my three would be mascara, lip gloss, and bronzer.


Have a beautiful day!

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