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Popsicle Sodas – Sweet Summer MOMents with Budget Saver

Oh, sweet summer… thanks for finally showing up! Seriously, some years it feels like we wait and wait for these beautifully warm, sunny, fun-filled days to arrive. Earlier this June, as my daughter went to swimming lessons in 55 degree temperatures, I was wondering when summer would really grace us with her presence.

Thankfully, summer is truly here now and I am soaking in the warmth and creating memories with my family. Isn’t this season so sweet?

Speaking of sweet, what sweet summer treats did you love as a child? I think it’s safe to say that at the top of many of our lists will for sure be popsicles! In particular, I remember visiting my grandparents in Pennsylvania in the summer and my grandpa pulling out a big bag of Budget Saver Twin Pops. Oh, the yummy memories!

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Did you share your Twin Pops with someone else? Or did you eat the whole pop on your own? I liked to break my Twin Pop apart and trade with a friend, cousin, or my brother so I could eat two flavors. Super smart!

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I recently introduced my sweet little five year old to the joys of Budget Saver Twin Pops. She tasted the first pop and then was ready to try them all immediately! It had been a stressful day due to her kindergarten check up at her pediatrician (and shots… boo!), so I may have just let her taste a little of every color… maybe!

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Twin Pops were invented during the Great Depression. They made it possible for children to buy one pop for a nickle and split it. Budget Saver began packing six assorted flavors into one bag back when I was a kid in 1989. Today, we can find the signature Rainbow Array assortment in the big clear bag in the freezer isles of our grocery stores.

Sometimes we may need a pick-me-up treat after a tough day, or a delicious way to cool down from the hot summer temperatures, or an inexpensive snack for a crew of kids. These are just a few of the summer MOMents (mom + moments = MOMents!) that call for Twin Pops.

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For a fun twist on Twin Pops, my daughter and I made popsicle sodas! These are so very easy and colorful.

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STEP 1: Place 4 Twin Pops on a plate to thaw at room temperature until completely melted.

STEP 2: Cut open the top of each Twin Pop package and pour the liquid into silicone ice cube molds. Any shape will be perfect!

STEP 3: Freeze the popsicle cubes until solid.

STEP 4: Remove the frozen popsicle cubes from the ice cube tray and place in two glasses.

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STEP 5: Pour about 1 cup of lemon lime soda over the popsicle cubes. Serve immediately.

Sweet Summer Treats 8

Sweet Summer Treats 9

Aren’t these so cute? What a fun way to enjoy your Twin Pops!

Sweet Summer Treats 10

Sweet Summer Treats 11

Be sure to visit the Budget Saver Twin Pops Facebook page and also enter the #twinpopscontest. Share your MOMents!

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