I love holidays! Especially now that I have a little girl, I feel like I want to celebrate every holiday to the fullest. Here is how we have celebrated our Valentines Day:

Opening her Valentines presents

Fairy costume!

Chocolate first thing in the morning? Well, why not?

Valentines pancake

Oops! Pinterest that! Haha!

The pancake after my daughter added sprinkles 🙂

Homemade candy bars for my husband
My fairy princess


Valentines brownies on my Mary & Martha plate
Presents from my husband
Flowers and local chocolates
Please excuse the shameless selfie, but here
is the new coat my husband gave me as a gift.
Finally, a real coat that actually fits me!
Valentines fingernails


Taking our Valentines treats to daddy

Picking out the perfect card for her daddy
Reading her card to daddy at his office

They love each other so much!

Special treat of ice cream with mama!
Hers – chocolate yogurt, coconut yogurt, red velvet yogurt,
strawberry candies, chocolate sprinkles, cherries, and whipped cream

Mine – coconut yogurt, cake batter yogurt, mini marshmallows
layered in between the frozen yogurt so they freeze and get
crunchy, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce,
and whipped cream

Happy Valentines Day from us to you!

Tell me, how did you celebrate today?

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