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Valentines Day is coming soon! I love this holiday. It is always important to celebrate love, and I’m so happy that we have this holiday. Let’s do something romantic for our sweethearts! Since I’m a girl married to a guy (for 11 years!), I’m totally writing this from a wife’s perspective. So let me encourage all of the ladies reading this to make this Valentines special for your guy. I have some great ideas for you in this post!

I met my husband when we were 18 years old. It was not love at first sight. My first thoughts about him mostly had to do with thinking he talked a lot. True story! After a year of being friends, an unexpected romance bloomed.

This is the first picture taken of the two of us together (below). We were at a high school football game and I’ll admit that I was not loving the green hair! Haha!

Something crazy happened and our feelings towards each other change drastically. I was head over heels for him before we were even officially dating!

After we had dated for a year, my guy surprised me with a day trip to Catalina Island. We had a fun day poking around the island and eating seafood. Late in the afternoon he took me to see Wrigley’s Monument. We climbed the steps to the top where you can see a beautiful view of the island and ocean. There he proposed to me!

I think this is the first selfie I ever took (right after I said “yes”):

Awkward engagement photo…

Then we got married!

I think my favorite thing about us is how we make each other laugh. No one gets to see the comedian in me like my guy does, and I love to make him laugh. We have a lot of fun together!

Eight years into our marriage we had a baby girl!

After all we’ve been through together, I love to find some special little ways to tell him that I love him and the life we’ve made together.

A great Valentines gift idea is to make a fun “Love Basket” for your guy to celebrate your romance, family and life together, and to make him feel cared for. Include items that remind him of what you share together as a couple, the family you’ve created together, and build him up with encouraging words.

In this example I included a candle, chocolates, a card from me, a book filled with little love notes, a small sign with a statement about love, and a few other items (check out the full list of ideas below).

Love basket ideas:

  • His favorite gum, mints, and candy
  • A coffee mug or travel mug
  • A special stuffed animal that holds sentimental value
  • Old love notes
  • A couples devotional book
  • Pictures from when you first started dating
  • A gift card to his favorite coffee shop or fast lunch restaurant
  • Love coupons (cuddle time, favorite dinner, date night, back rub, etc.)
  • “Daddy, I love you” notes from your children
  • K-Y® YOURS+MINE (try discreet ordering at
  • Pretty undergarments (for you, not him!)
  • Something that represents his favorite sports team
  • A couples board game
  • His favorite cologne
  • A Valentines card with a sweet note from you written inside
  • His favorite coffee or tea
  • Massage oil
  • A mixed tape (CD) of his favorite songs
  • His favorite drink
  • Something that pertains to his favorite hobby
  • A framed picture of you and your husband
  • His favorite homemade snack (homemade candy, cookies, bread, etc.)
  • A book on CD for his work commute
  • A hat that he would like

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How do you celebrate Valentines Day with your husband or wife?

Happy Valentines Day!

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2 Comments on Love Basket

  1. xabz Mukuba
    January 29, 2015 at 5:51 am (3 years ago)

    You guys are really cute together

  2. Huppie Mama
    February 5, 2015 at 6:11 pm (3 years ago)

    I love this post! I met my husband around the same time (beginning of college) and I never could've guessed we'd get married. These pictures are great. #client


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