Right after New Years I mentioned to my husband how depressing the rest of the winter is. He reminded me that my birthday and Valentines Day are in February, to which I said “so not exciting!” Ha! But then I started thinking about Valentines Day. Of course my husband and I will go out for dinner or something, but what about our two year old? Valentines Day is fun for school age kids who have parties at school, and for kids in daycare who might have a party there, but what about for a two year old not in daycare? I wanted her to have a fun Valentines party too! So I contacted some mom friends and we planned a party!
My little love
Enjoy checking out these fun valentines party ideas and pictures!
Since this party was not so much a “come to my daughter’s valentines party” and more of a shared responsibility with the other moms, it was totally reasonable to ask everyone to bring food. This is a smart way to go because it spreads out the work and expense. I provided sloppy joes in a slow cooker, chicken salad on Hawaiian rolls, baby carrots with dip, and crackers with sliced cheese. Altogether the price of food for me was about $43 and that is because I wayyyyyy over bought! I like to have too much food rather than not enough. Plus now I have little freezer bags of leftovers to pull out when needed! Really, I could have spent about $20 and been just fine. Others brought chips, jello, macaroni and cheese, fruit, drinks, etc.
One of the moms brought “pin the arrow on the heart” and I also made a “guess the number of candies in the jar” game.

After “helping” mama count the candies


*Cookie decorating
*Coloring valentines pictures
*Making valentines cards
*Valentines snow globes

The snow globes were a big hit! My friend brought empty (and washed, of course) baby food jars. She had spray painted the lids red and also brought glitter, beads, and plastic dinosaurs to make the snow globes. Such an easy and fun valentines craft!

Hello dollar store! It is really the best place to get a lot of great, simple party decorations for cheap! I also brought along some of my Mary & Martha items to make the food table look nice.

Valentines Mail Boxes


I found a Curious George Valentines book and brought it to read to the kids. I was like the old ladies at story time at the library 🙂

I also set up sort of a photo booth for the kids. I used wrapping paper, simple decorations, and a bunch of valentines props I picked up from the dollar store. It was so fun! Well… it was fun for most of us 🙂

I mean, how CUTE are these kids?!?!


Then it started to fall apart…

Haha! Poor kids 🙂 But the moms were totally enjoying this!

Part of what made the photo booth fun was the silly little props for the kids to play with.


Over all the party was a success! The kids had fun, and that was the point.

The aftermath…

Munching on her decorated cookie

Admiring all of her valentines

Adoring her second snow globe
(broke the first)

Mustache from the prize bag
Have a great Valentines Day!


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