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Zucchini Fries

Oh how I love zucchini! Especially fried zucchini. When I’m eating in a restaurant that serves some sort of fried zucchini munchies, you can be sure I will be savoring some of the crunchy vegetable goodness… covered in ranch dressing. In heaven I will eat these zucchini fries every day. Forever and ever. If you’re looking for […] Read more…

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Update: I’ve just added two new recipes that you might be interested in: Buffalo Chicken Pasta and Buffalo Mozzarella Sticks BUFFALO CHICKEN LASAGNA! Excuse my excitement… but this is awesome! I’m actually new to buffalo wings. I ate my first wing at thirty years old. Yep, it’s true. Wings never seemed like “my thing.” But I […] Read more…

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