Welcome to All in All! This site is meant to inspire and encourage. Like a cup of coffee on your drive to work. Like grocery shopping without your children. Like a warm hug… virtually, anyhow.

Ladies, we really are busy, aren’t we? So many things to do and so little time it seems. Do you ever really feel guilty about being busy? First of all, we hear things like “if the devil can’t make you bad he’ll make you busy.” Whatever the heck that means. I have serious issues with the weird theology behind that statement, but moving on… Then a sweet, well-meaning older woman tells the half insane, sleep deprived, just-trying-to-survive young working mama, “slow down! Don’t be so busy! Just take the time to enjoy your kids while they’re little!” While I sincerely appreciate the sentiment behind those words, I wonder where reality comes into play. Do I┬ánot do any laundry? Should I not cook to feed my family? Who will feed the baby? Is there someone else to clean my house? Should I not work so my family can survive? Although at times some of us do tend to over commit ourselves in non-critical areas, for the most part we find that just the basics of life are enough to keep us crazy busy.

Do you ever find yourself wishing away your current season in life?

When I get the promotion at work, then I’ll be happy… when my husband makes more money, then I can stay home with the kids and that will make me happy… when I lose weight, then I’ll be happy… when I get married, then I’ll be happy… when I get a bigger house, then I’ll be happy… when I have a baby, then I’ll be happy… when my kids are a little older and more self-sufficient, then I’ll be happy…

Ladies, let’s stop wishing our lives away. Yes, we’re busy and our lives are not perfect. We’re juggling a lot of things and are all moving through different chapters of our own unique stories. Let’s be present in this moment of the journey. Let’s love each other through. Let’s listen to one another to try to understand different perspectives than our own.

Busy women, let’s love our lives. There is so much beauty, so much joy, so much to be thankful for. There are broken places, there are scary places, there are happy places… all in all, life is amazing.

So again, welcome to All in All. We are busy women loving life!

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